Joel Josehart, our team leader, talks about his involvement in the Mentor-Protégé Program and ACE Mentor Program.

(For more information, download this excerpt from the training document Above and Beyond: Building a Healthy Future at the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center).
"I was approached three years ago by McCarthy Building Companies to become part of the Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) for the construction of the new $750 million, Kaiser Oakland Replacement Hospital project. The MPP is an integral part of McCarthy's contract/commitment with Kaiser; the program pledged to contract with small local businesses and incorporated the Mentor-Protégé Program to assure success from all parties. Kaiser set the goal for a 'Best-in-Class' program for community outreach, training and capacity building for the participants of the program.

My role includes providing one-on-one, custom training at Protégé's offices which has been tailored to respond to each Protégé's formal 'Needs Assessment'. In addition to the custom training I have prepared seminars to respond to common needs identified by all Protégés such as Blueprint Reading; Contract Review; Bidding & Procurement; Change Orders an Closeout & Commissioning. During my continued contact with the Protégé's, I learn their business organization, meet their personnel and continue to visit their offices where I am able to quickly evaluate their needs and suggest improvements for processes and procedures.

For McCarthy, I let their Project Managers know I am available to help when a Protégé firm may not be understanding the process (i.e. shop drawings/submittals or change order preparation). My goal is to keep the MBC PM's and Superintendents building the building, so when the Protégé needs coaching and/or training, call me. Over the past several years I have been requested for these special assignments by both the MBC PM's as well as the Protégé firms.

I feel it has been my good fortune to find this new avenue of consulting services which incorporates my 30 years of Construction/Design Industry experience into mentoring and training which has such tangible and beneficial results. Whereas I once focused on building buildings, this service I provide focuses my efforts on building companies to be better performers in the construction industry.

I have also been involved with the ACE Mentor Program for three years in a row now. The Ace Mentor Program is a 16 week program which meets once/week with Oakland high school students to introduce them to the Architectural, Construction and Engineering industry. Through 16 sessions, the students visit construction sites, here lectures regarding careers, scheduling, engineering, ... ACE Program!!"