With a combined expertise in architecture and construction, the team at Josehart Construction Management provides clients with a comprehensive approach to project management.

The early stages of a project offer an important opportunity to evaluate initial design concepts for system selection, cost constructability, and schedule, and this is one of the company’s core strengths. JCM’s involvement in the pre-construction process provides tremendous value by reducing risk during the construction phase.

Through vigorous representation of clients during all phases of construction, JCM consistently delivers projects on budget and on schedule. The construction process is about managing people, communication, and information, and JCM brings together project teams—and joins existing teams—seamlessly by quickly assessing project needs and stakeholders. All projects have competing priorities, and JCM works to balance those concerns with the successful completion of the project.


Joel Josehart, AIA



-University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee—
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies–1982


-American Institute of Architects, Member since 1992
-National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Member since 2006

Joel discovered an interest in construction administration and project management early in his career 36 years ago. “My strengths have always been anticipating and solving problems, scouring plans for potential issues and asking questions, and managing a team,” he says.     > MORE

After working as a junior architect for Murphy/Jahn Architects (1982) in his hometown of Chicago immediately after graduation, he decided to switch hats and work on the construction side of things. First as a construction superintendent with the Chicago Housing Authority, then as a construction administrator with Hanson Lind Meyer Associates; and eventually as a construction project manager for Morse Diesel International, Joel gained a wide range of experience that allowed him to build a solid foundation of knowledge in construction management, contract review and negotiation, and onsite supervision.

Joel founded Josehart Construction Management in 2003 and has assembled a highly capable and talented management team. His past projects include the Chabot Observatory in Oakland Hills and a $16 million private residence in Pacific Heights, as well as many high-end restaurant and commercial build-outs. Although the scope of his projects varies widely, he manages them all with the same philosophy. “It’s how you handle the unanticipated issues that determine success,” says Joel. “We spend an enormous amount of energy in the preconstruction phase, because anticipating problems and solving them early saves time and money. However, at a certain point you have to begin building. That’s when you need to have a team in place that will tackle the unforeseen challenges while keeping all of the balls in the air.”

“We look for clients, not projects. I’m interested in building relationships and helping owners achieve the best possible outcome, and that happens when we match our talents with people who will benefit from our service. We have had clients tell us they will never do another project without us—and that feedback is what we strive for.”

Erica Chappell

Office Manager


-University of Phoenix—BS Business Management


-International Association of Women
-City of Vallejo Beautification Commissioner

Erica joined JCM in 2004, and it is her tireless perfectionism and sharp focus that help the office run smoothly. As the voice of JCM for more than a decade, she supports the entire team with project tracking and accounting, cost tracking, document control, meeting coordination, accounts payable, and countless other details. Her goal is to help every member of the staff perform at the highest level, and she is always ready to roll up her sleeves to help get the job done. Honest, genuine, and endlessly curious, Erica strives to find ways to streamline current processes and raise the bar in office efficiency.     > MORE

Erica lives in Vallejo, and loves to garden, Travel, take leisurely drives through Sonoma County, and restore and rebuild vintage muscle cars. She has two adult children, and loves spending time with family and friends.

“I like to visit the job site and see the progress. That’s what makes me feel like I am in the right place and doing the right thing. I love to be a part of the creation.”

Liane Garcia

Project Manager


-State President of Women Construction Owners & Executives 1998–2002

-San Francisco Planning & Urban Renewal Committee

-East Bay Municipal District Advisory Board

Liane excels at managing a client’s risk during one of the riskiest endeavors one can undertake. From initial pre-construction planning to project oversight, her goal is to help her clients rest easy knowing their project is in the right hands. Liane worked at Morse Diesel for 5 years specializing in marketing, safety, and risk analysis. After nine years of construction consulting and five years of owning her own concrete formwork company, Liane joined JCM in 2014.     > MORE

Her extensive experience in subcontracting and construction litigation informs her work as a project manager, helping her anticipate problems and actively advocate for her client needs. As she puts it, “There are always new and unexpected challenges in construction, but our combined experience at JCM allows us to quickly diagnose the problem, determine the best solution, develop a plan for moving forward, and keep the project on time and on budget.”

Liane has taught classes at San Jose State University in construction management and public speaking. She lives in the bay Area and in her spare time, she loves to go boating with her husband on the Sacramento Delta.

“I know our clients benefit from our expertise—I feel I’ve done my job well when we achieve exactly what a client outlined and the project did not cost them a dollar more than they budgeted.”

Rob Bernstein

Senior Project Manager


-University of Illinois at Chicago—Masters of Architecture
-Cornell University—Engineering Degree

Rob Bernstein is a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience working with clients as an Owner’s Representative on a wide variety of construction and development projects in the Mid-West. Some of the projects he has worked on include High-Rise Mixed Use, Mid-Rise Residential, Retail, Hospitality, and an Arts Center.     > MORE

In addition to his experience as an Owner’s Representative, Rob was also an Energy and Environmental Sustainability Consultant, Enforcement Engineer for the U.S. EPA, General Contractor, and Manager of Store Design and Construction for Gingiss International.

He is also an award-winning designer, that design experience has proved very useful on projects where he has helped to preserve and enhance the design intent while resolving constructability or budget challenges.

Rob enjoys picking up the tools; he has volunteered on several Habitat for Humanity projects and likes to give back to his community. With tremendous respect for their expertise and experience, Rob enjoys working with contractors at the site, “kicking dirt” as much as working with consultants in the office. Finding solutions that are as much win–win as possible is his goal.

One of Rob’s favorite quotes: “If what is in the field isn’t working, and the fix is worse, look for a third way…”

Jillian Hughes

Assistant Project Manager


-San Jose State University—B.A. in Environmental Studies (with an Economics Minor)


-LEED Green Associate (working on LEED AP)

Jillian joined JCM in 2018 after working more than a decade as Environmental Compliance Manager in the solid waste and recycling industry. While working in the solid waste and recycling industry, she had opportunities to manage several construction projects ranging from a new truck weigh station on top of a landfill, to a privately operated CNG fueling station (for a fleet of 40 trucks). Jillian enjoys all aspects of construction from design and permitting, to inspections, compliance, and waste management plans.     > MORE

Jillian and her husband Charlie live in the East Bay and enjoy spending time with their three dogs (and occasional foster dogs) while working on projects around their house and in the garage.

“I enjoy working with and learning from co-workers, clients, and others who strive to efficiently complete a project by doing whatever it takes!”